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Bain Triail As!
Below is a sample, taken from the book and CD—
See first two pages of Aonad 1 (Unit 1) and listen to the role-plays

Aonad 1.  Ag Bualadh le Daoine ••• Meeting People:
Section 1a
Read the following notes, and then have a go!

To begin with, read the sample pages through, with the aim of grasping the
fundamentals of meeting and greeting someone. To hear the role-plays, click thesymbol on the page image below (a small window will open and a sample MP3 will stream using your browser's MP3 player)—

Listen frequently to the phrases in the role-plays, and look for opportunities to repeat the phrases out loud as often as possible. Keep your vocabulary limited, in the early learning stages, and remember that you are progressing in much the same way as you did when acquiring your mother tongue.

Each language has its own innate musical quality. Getting a grasp of the unique sounds and the rhythm of the Irish language is the first challenge for any learner and this will come easily with practice. Dialects are often mentioned in language learning as obstacles to be surmounted. We in Oideas Gael have always emphasised that the learner should not dwell too much on this. Clarity and simplicity of speech are the primary requirements for beginners and, with time, you will gravitate naturally towards one dialect or another, depending on the region you are most familiar with or to which you are attracted.

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